The N7WS repository. Files that may be of interest to radio amateurs and other electronics enthusiasts.

Thanks to Danny Richardson, K6MHE, for hosting this repository.

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The format is as follows: A title is given and a few words of description follow along with the file format and size.

1. Notes on Modeling Short Inductively Loaded Antennas   A paper I put together. The title pretty much says it all.   (100 KB HTML)

2. Notes on Modeling Short Inductively Loaded Antennas    Same paper, different format.    (310 KB PDF)

3. Accompaning antenna model files   (105 KB ZIP)

4. Optimum Loading of Short Whip Antennas  Paper by Robert C. Hansen referenced in Notes on Modeling Short Inductively Loaded Antennas.    (1.4 MB PDF)

5. Split-Band Speech Processor  A copy of my article that was published in the September 1979 issue of Ham Radio Magazine.    (500 KB PDF)

6. Comments on "A Voice-Balancing Audio Peak Clipper"   A letter I wrote to QST's Technical Correspondence column. This was published in edited form in QST.    (50 KB PDF)

7. Noise Blanker Design  A copy of my article that was published in the November 1977 issue of Ham Radio Magazine. This circuit was also published in several editions of Bill Orr's Radio Handbook.   (270 KB PDF)

8. Improving the Microwave Modules MMT432/28S Transverter  A copy of a paper that I submitted for publication to Ham Radio Magazine. The paper was at first accepted for publication but when payment was not received, I learned that the paper had been sent to the U.S. distributor for Microwave Modules (a European company) for "technical review." The company was an advertiser in HR and I suspect that exposing a birth defect of an advertiser's product was not a wise move for HR so the paper was never published.   (140 KB PDF)

9. Measurement of Complex Impedance 1 to 1000 MHz   H-P Application Note 77-3. The definitive reference for using the HP 8405 Vector Voltmeter for impedance measurements.   (14 MB PDF)

10. Partial datasheet for the HP-11549  Some users of the HP-8405 have need for this.  (64 KB PDF)

11. Reflectometer Measurements - Revisited   Anritsu (Wiltron to us old guys) paper that describes the pitfalls and error sources in network analyzer measurements. If you think it's easy---think again.    (Link to 500 KB PDF)

12. Balanced Transmission Lines in Current Amateur Practice   A copy of my article published in the ARRL Antenna Compendium, Volume 6.   (66 KB PDF)

13. Computation of Impedance and Efficiency of Transmission Line with High Standing-Wave Ratio  AIEE Paper by Macalpine that is the basis for similar material in the standard reference, ITT Reference Data for Radio Engineers.   (590 KB PDF)

14. Radio Frequency Performance of Electroplated Finishes  A copy of an I.R.E.E. Australia paper by A. M. Fowler.---Beauty is only skin deep   (1.8 MB PDF)

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