K6MHE's Opuscules*

Here are some items that you may find of interest.

Dual Band Vertical On Autopilot — Here's a good 20 & 40 meter dual band vertical using a novel tuning method that provides automatic band switching. This article was presented in QST magazine September 2005 and is also included in More Vertical Antenna Classics published by the American Radio Relay Leauge. [Requires Adobe Reader] 
Note: Ryan Christman, AB8XX, has adapted the design of the above antenna for 40 & 80-meter operation. Click here to view a video of his setup.
Does using a 5/8-wave whip on you vehicle really give you 3dB gain? — A CQ magazine article that was published a few years back showing NEC modeling results obtained for this popular antenna. [Requires Adobe Reader] 
The Skeleton Sleeve Fed Monopole — Here's an interesting variation of the j-pole antenna. This an updated version of my article that published in CQ magazine in October 2000. [Requires Adobe Reader] 
An Unauthorized Procedure — A better way to install PL-259 connectors on RG-8X type coax.

*o·pus·cule: a minor or insignificant creative work, especially a musical or literary work